Letter: How can talent develop in the Scarborough Borough Council circus?

As a reader of The Scarborough News, I have been following the whitewash experienced by Cllr Ben Marriott, an employee of Scarborough Borough Council, and the reaction of Messrs Dillon and Bastiman.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 24th November 2016, 12:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 9:41 am
Is it any wonder that the general public brands the image of this council as being useless.
Is it any wonder that the general public brands the image of this council as being useless.

A letter from me was previously published outlining my attempted communications with Messrs Dillon, Skelton and Dixon, to no positive business-like conclusion.

I concluded that with such management from the top, what could we expect downwards within the organisation?

Not prepared to accept their nonsense I enlisted the assistance of my MP Robert Goodwill to send a letter to the chief executive of my concerns as a resident. This was never read out in council. He eventually received a partial reply some 50 working days later (June 10, 2015 - August 20, 2015) - the statutory reply period is 20 days.

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Still not being satisfied with the outcome, some time later I recently requested a meeting with Cllr Bastiman.

I eventually received a reply requiring further information. I replied immediately and delivered by hand. To date I have received no further correspondence. He had not established the specifics of what I wanted to discuss with him. Frustration then sets in.

Is it any wonder that the general public brands the image of this council as being useless.

Soon council taxpayers will be forced into following Cllr Marriott’s route thanks to an arrogant, overpaid council, together with a leader of an undemocratic cabinet and committees.

A letter writer has already called for Dillon and Cllr Bastiman to resign. The payment of £106,400 for the chief executive is not right under any economic climate.

Councils will never change until they are scrapped and a professionally defined structure with related appraisal systems properly executed, and staffed at all levels by employees operating in the ‘real world’ culture of quality, productivity and cost – answerable to the public.

I have no doubt that within councils in general there are talented individuals on board, but, how can they develop and reach their potential operating in the circus demonstrated within the Scarborough Borough Council and cabinet?

I await the outcome of the independent investigation – and more so, action taken.

The public should applaud Mr Ben Marriott and his barrister for exposing the council leadership to the tribunal, and more importantly support him until he accepts justice has been delivered.

W Wilson-HaigSouth CliffScarborough