New housing off Whitby's Green Lane: 'public views not taken into account'

I cannot describe how I feel that the inspector has given permission for houses to be built at the top of Whitby's Green Lane.

By Reader Letter
Friday, 6th May 2022, 8:00 am

Very soon they will be surrounding Whitby Abbey and there is a bit of spare ground near St Mary’s Church.

Not only that, council tax payers have to cough up £17,000. This ought to be taken from the salary of the inspector.

Whitby used to be a quaint, old fashioned town which over the years has altered out of all recognition.

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The field off Whitby's Green Lane which will see 62 new homes built, after a Government inspector granted the scheme on appeal.

We never hear any protests from heads of schools and the GP practices in the town, I cannot believe they do not feel the pressure from all the houses we are seeing being built.

Public opinion and the views of concerned people are simply never taken into account.

This surely can be confirmed by the number of objections to the Green Lane project.

We certainly will need a new graveyard as we are all going to be choked to death, I despair.

Finally, a thank you to Cllr Linda Wild for all the hard work she does.

Barry Foster

High Stakesby, Whitby