RUDY FUNK: Express yourselves - sensibly

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There has been a lot of talk about West Brom striker Nicolas Anelka, his goal celebration and his potential FA ban this week.

There has been more and more of this in recent years because if you look back to the 1980s and 1990s players celebrated by just throwing their arms in the air.

Everyone has the right to express themselves, be it with salutes or gestures, as long as they stick to the rules or regulations.

There are lots of beliefs around the world and so gestures and signs can be seen differently by different people.

I’m not bothered about things like that, as long as it doesn’t affect my family.

People can show their emotions in anyway they want as far as I’m concerned.

If they jump up and down or they are sad then I acknowledge that, if they want to walk around naked then it is their problem.

I have had it when a former player has scored against me and they have run past the dug-out with their finger on their lip in the shape of a moustache.

People can take offence to things like that, but I see it as a bit of banter and a laugh.

I’m not somebody who knows a great deal about gestures or political issues, all I have ever concentrated on in life is my family and my sport.

Sometimes when people score, in the heat of ecstasy, their body language or gesture might be something they are not even aware of.

Looking at Anelka, the FA have clearly taken a dim view of what he did, so his punishment must be deserved.

I suppose after this there may be a danger soon of strict rules being introduced for goal celebrations.

It will probably come down to the fact that you have to run in a straight line, stand still and not move your eyebrows - that will make sure everyone is happy.