Scarborough Council needs to up the fight for climate change

Seamer rd Park and Ride . pic Richard Ponter
Seamer rd Park and Ride . pic Richard Ponter

The Easter Bank holiday sunshine, as in February, is not a one off that won’t be repeated. It’s likely to be followed by storms and floods as climate change takes hold.

David Attenborough’s BBC programme, the school strikes and thousands of people from Extinction Rebellion (myself included), bringing Central London to a halt over the past week, shows that some of us are listening and realise that things must change soon or our children will be in danger of following other species to extinction.

While ordinary people are taking action, the politicians are ignoring it.

Last month there was a debate in Parliament that only a handful of MPs attended.

[Scarborough MP] Robert Goodwill was absent and as a farmer and minister shows no concern for change needed to agriculture in order to secure food production.

Even though Scarborough Council has declared a climate emergency, they think £80,000 will do the trick.

Most of the carbon released in Scarborough is through car emissions, yet the council is doing the opposite to combat this.

They are proposing to close the Park and Rides and have given residents reduced parking rates therefore multiplying car use and pollution in the towns.

Tom Farrell

Lairs Lane