Scarborough Post Office closure a sad day for the town

Scarborough Post Office, which has now closed.
Scarborough Post Office, which has now closed.

Wednesday, May 8, will go down as one of the saddest days by the staff and customers of the Aberdeen Walk Post Office.

When it was first announced that it was going to be transferred to a newsagent, this is what WHSmiths are, most of us took it for a joke.

But some overpaid, over-educated executives had already decided that it was a good move for the Scarborough people, who then tried without success to get these plans reversed.

Scarborough is on a slippery slope and has been since the Pavilion Hotel was demolished some years ago, to be replaced by a monstrosity that resembles Colditz.

So much of our heritage has been destroyed and it still goes on.

The Scarborough people should make their own decisions and not be dictated to.

They should be asked, not told by faceless, nameless strangers whose only contribution to the town has been to cause unnecessary disruption, distress and anger.

Margaret Smith

Westwood Road