Scarborough’s former Futurist Theatre site should be Science centre - rather than commercial fairground

Futurist Scarborough'Cleared site May 2019'demolition'Flamingo Land Coast
Futurist Scarborough'Cleared site May 2019'demolition'Flamingo Land Coast

With the change in political control in Scarborough Council, perhaps it now gives an opportunity to reappraise possible uses for the site of the former Futurist theatre?

Rather than another commercial fairground type of attraction, could the new council consider something much more imaginative?

I would like to suggest the building of a STEM centre (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), something on the lines of the Science Museum.

Interactive displays showcasing some of the leading developments in all these four fields would excite, entertain and educate all age groups and make it an attractive venue to visit for any family all year round as well as acting as an educational facility for schools and colleges.

We have many local firms working at the forefront of modern technology, who could be invited to be involved as a means of showcasing their talents, as well as the engineering department of Coventry University.

The Government has belatedly woken up to the fact that investment outside London has fallen well behind and are beginning to show signs of looking for ways to invest in projects away from the capital.

The challenge is now for the Labour group to think outside the box and to come up with a project that adds to Scarborough and puts it on the future technology map of this country.

A STEM centre would certainly do this.

Bob Jackman