Scarborough’s empty buses are a waste of resources

I recall the decision to close the Park and Ride for the winter being made on the basis of “ghost buses” with no passengers.

Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 3:12 pm
Seamer rd Park and Ride . pic Richard Ponter

Last Sunday afternoon, I was down in South Bay and along with the traffic jams, I noticed the number of seafront service buses arriving every five to 10 minutes with an EYMS vehicle being chased by a Shoreline Suncruiser!

Even on a busy Sunday there were only a few passengers at best on any bus.

This is a total waste of resources that needs to be redirected.

Firstly, why doesn’t a seafront bus run from the Park and Ride, then you could stop the current bus that only goes to the town centre.

Next allocate Shoreline Suncruisers to one Park and Ride and EYMS to another.

Then at weekends, Foreshore Road should be closed from Rotunda/Spa roundabout to Luna Park roundabout.

Access to harbour would be via Eastborough, therefore allowing buses only and cutting the pollution dramatically.

And finally, the council should put pressure on the operators to take the worst polluting diesels off the road and start buying electric buses.

Tom Farrell

Lairs Lane