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When we go shopping there is so much food out there that is not only full of rubbish, but bad for us.

Our nutritionist Carrie calls these ‘the aisles we don’t belong down’.

So what do you need to do?

Have a plan

The more you can plan, the more you’ll succeed in being healthy and fit.

So, before you go to the supermarket, create a list outlining everything you are going to buy.

On this list needs to be only the things that are good for you, oh and only buy things that are on the list. If it’s not on the list, then it doesn’t go in your trolley.

Want to see my grocery list?

Chicken breast, steak, broccoli, asparagus, carrots, apples, butter.

Next Step

Don’t shop hungry. Sounds like a weird comment until you realize that you have a shopping trolley full of ice cream, tortilla crisps, and double chocolate cookies.

When you shop with an empty stomach, you’ll be more likely to be drawn to the terrible foods that you crave.

However, when you shop with a full stomach (preferably full with healthy foods), you’ll tend to actually buy the things you’re supposed to buy and not the rubbish you’re supposed to avoid.

Stick to the outer circle

In the supermarket all the good stuff lives on the outer circle.

With a few exceptions (like Frozen veggies, spices, and oils), these are the things you’ll find on the outer rim: Meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits.

Things you don’t find on the outer circle: candy, cookies, ice cream, pasta/cereal/bread/etc, soda

These are the things that can get you into trouble - I’ll eat just one” never works - and thus belong in the “We don’t belong down there” category.

How to know what foods are good for us

Learn to read a nutrition label.

Most of the good stuff won’t have nutrition labels (meat, fruits, and vegetables).

If you happen to be shopping for things in boxes and bags, make sure you take 30 seconds to actually read the nutrition label.

It’s amazing what they’ll hide in food these days.

These are the important things you need to know:

Don’t let the name on the front fool you.

Never let the words healthy choice or natural get in the way of you making a good decision again.

Make sure you don’t get scammed by labels, scope the ingredients list.

The first ingredient makes up the most of the product, followed by the next, etc.

Generally speaking, the fewer the ingredients, the better.

Just because it doesn’t say sugar doesn’t mean it’s not loaded with the evil stuff.

You know those ‘healthy’ cereal bars?

Three of their ingredients are sugar, brown rice syrup and honey.

Oh I want to tell you more but again I have unfortunately run out of space and time.

So I shall continue my supermarket tips next week.