What is the real Scarborough?

Let us know what you really think of Scarborough
Let us know what you really think of Scarborough

The Scarborough News this week calls for a wide-ranging debate on the town’s image.

Following the murder on the seafront, the stabbing in a car park, and the Eastborough murder trial yet to come, we ask ... What is the real Scarborough?

We are producing a survey of opinion – and need as many people as possible from all walks of life to give their views.

Last week Scarborough hit the TV news for the murder trial over the knifing of 19-year-oldMichael ‘Angel’ Graham – and the social media site Twitter carried 220 references to knives, overshadowing mentions of tourism.

On one hand, Scarborough attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and the vast majority depart with happy memories.

On the other, there seems to be a tide of anti-social behaviour – and levels of drink or drug-related crime that never used to be associated with the Queen of Resorts. Or maybe recent cases have put matters out of perspective when the town is in fact comparatively crime-free.

We say there should be an open and frank debate about the town’s current character – are the offences symptoms of a wider malaise that require a fresh Scarborough-wide strategy and leadership?

We all know that the town is highly desirable – that’s why we live and work here –but has the personality of Scarborough improved or worsened in re cent years?

And what do you think the issues are ... welfare dependency, an influx of people from less affluent parts of the country, or is it social housing policies, a lack of boutique hotels to attract more aspirational visitors, the retail slump and a lack of all-weather facilities or even a modern cinema ... is litter and lack of care for the environment, or a car parking regime that damages business and tourism ... or is it simply a vacuum of leadership?

And who are the leaders in Scarborough now?

Is the borough council , for instance, too burdened with box-ticking, the insolvable, and budgets to fly the flag in a bold, strategic manner that sets the right tone?

At the moment, we can’t even control the seagulls that swoop on people to grab food. It’s going to take an eye injury before action is taken.

The Scarborough News says the town should be more united and focussed, with clarity on the ‘Scarborough brand’ and firmer action on anti-social behaviour.

Everyone should express their opinion, including the town’s youth.

Identify the problem and malaise as you see them, and say what you think should happen.

Please write to Speaking Up for Scarborough, The Scarborough News, Aberdeen Walk, Scarborough, YO11 1BB or email rebecca.lumby@jpress.co.uk, putting Speaking Up for Scarborough in the subject.