Ordeal of couple on the rocks


SCARBOROUGH coastguard today issued a stern warning to walkers after a woman escaped unharmed following a terrifying cliff fall.

The woman, identified as a Mrs Raine from the Tyne and Wear area, was trapped at the base of cliffs at Saltwick Nab, near Whitby, all night after slipping and hitting her head on rocks.

She was only rescued after her husband scrambled to safety shortly after sunrise at 5am yesterday morning and alerted lifeboat crews and coastguards.

They were stranded in the dark and unable to summon help as their mobile phone did not have a signal. She was airlifted to safety by an RAF Leconfield rescue helicopter and taken to Scarborough Hospital at about 7am where she was treated for a sprained ankle.

However, she was reported not to have suffered any serious injuries from her ordeal.

Scarborough Coastguard Station officer Mark Appleby, was involved in helping crews transfer the woman to hospital. He said she had been fortunate that her injuries were not more serious and added her ordeal only emphasised the dangers of cliff walking.

He added: “Anyone walking on those routes must stick to the cliff paths.

“If anything does happen I urge people not to try and carry out their own rescues, contact the emergency services and let them deal with the situation.

“If anyone is planning on walking along the cliffs they must take care and precautions by wearing the correct sturdy footwear and clothing which will help them if the worst happens.”

In recent weeks, coastguards have warned people about other risks, such as dogs not being on a lead at the edge of the cliffs and walkers following dogs into dangerous situations.