Ordeal of Ruby touches town

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ANIMAL lovers have given their response to the story of Ruby, a dog who was pushed out of a moving car and abandoned in Scarborough.

The two-year-old cross breed’s plight, which was reported in yesterday’s Evening News, has also drawn interest from national newspapers such as the Daily Mirror.

Ruby was dumped on the pavement in Royal Avenue, South Cliff, last week and is now being cared for at Cliff Top Boarding Kennels in Burniston.

The RSPCA is hoping that anyone with information about the dog’s owner will come forward to assist with an investigation. Kennel staff are also keen for Ruby to be rehomed with a caring new owner who can give her a happier future.

The article has attracted a number of website comments from Evening News readers.

TSbnp said: “I hope that she finds a kind owner soon. Good luck Ruby!”

That bloke in the pub said: “Add this to the penguins story and it’s a sad indictment of the attitude of some people in the town towards animals.”

Markdrum said: “This is a terrible story, how can people treat dogs this way? I hope Ruby has a happy life now with people who will love her.”

Heavensentmum said: “I’m posting a quote by Aristotle I’ve used on another story – ‘At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst’.”

Devil666 said: “If you are this person you should be ashamed of what you have done. How would you like to be dumped from a moving car?

“If anyone knows who they are, it is your responsibility to call and report them don’t let them get away with it. Good Luck to Ruby and hope you find a nice LOVING home soon xx.”

Never sufferfools said: “Time for a proper registration scheme, where people have to prove they can look after the animals they want to house.”

Another reader sent us this text by mobile phone: “These people want naming and shaming in the paper. I have a black lab two years old from the RSPCA that was kicked, run over and left to die.

“Thank God we have some good people about.”

If you could offer Ruby a home call Cliff Top Boarding Kennels on (01723) 870456. If you have information for the RSPCA investigation call 0300 1234 999.