Our prize-winner Melissa vows: ‘I will lose weight!’

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THE LOSS of two inches and the arrival of the wedding dress is hopefully set to spur on makeover winner Melissa Mensah to beat those extra pounds before her big day in June.

Melissa, 22, of Filey, is now a quarter of the way through her makeover programme after winning the Evening News competition of a 12 month free gym membership with Eze Fitness in Dunslow Road.

The Evening news has tracked her progress since January and while Melissa hopes to meet a four stone weight loss target come December, when she will also receive a Christmas beauty makeover and outfit, she admits it has been a difficult month, but said she will soon have more time to put in those extra gym sessions.

She said: “It’s been slow this month because I’ve been ill, and me and my fiancé have had the kids and they’ve been ill.

“I’ve gone as often as I could, but there have been times I went and I’ve pushed myself and during it I’ve thought I shouldn’t actually be here because I’ve gone and it’s made me feel worse.”

Despite this setback, Melissa’s sessions with Eze Fitness personal trainers and overall training on the five week Big Rocks programme has seen promising results.

Melissa said: “I had good news after finishing the Big Rocks programme; I lost two inches everywhere.

“I’ve lost it on my arms, hips and waist which I’m really happy about. It means that everything’s gone well.”

Although she hasn’t made it to the gym on a more regular basis, Melissa said the weight loss so far has given her an incentive to continue good habits in her day to day life.

She said: “Even though I haven’t been to the gym, I’m still making the effort and I still do other exercises. I walk most places at the moment and when I do, I always make sure it’s a brisk walk. I’m doing what I can.

“We’ve really started on the healthy eating at home. I’ve found that’s made difference because I’ve got loads more energy which is good because I have hardly any sleep.

Melissa, who works as a part-time administration assistant at Whitby Fire Station and also runs the Imperial pub in Filey, previously said that a poor diet and late nights at work had led to her ballooning weight.

It is another lifestyle change she is hoping to implement during the year.

She said: “The problem I have is that I don’t know how to eat properly, I eat what I like.

“I never used to eat breakfast because it just made me hungrier earlier on, but now I’ve started to eat something in the mornings and I have a balanced lunch.

“The family have taken to it quite easily. With the kids we always tried to make sure they have balanced meal anyway. But I’ve discovered making more effort doesn’t have to be about just eating salads.”

When Melissa won the competition she said it would mean she could have a baby safely and that she hoped she wouldn’t ‘cringe at herself’ on her wedding day.

With less than three months to go, if Melissa does want to get slimmer in time for her big day, she needs to get back into the swing of the gym routine.

Melissa added: “With the gym I’ve never managed to go three times a week but now I’ve changed my working hours to work around the kids and it gives me extra time to go to the gym.

“I’ve ordered my wedding dress and already it’s too big so that’s good, I’m happy.

“I think I’ll put it on and think this looks nice and because it’s already too big it’ll spur me on to lose more weight. I’d rather encourage myself to get slimmer than stress about fitting into a small dress and end up getting fatter.

“I will lose more weight. Now I’m over my illness and I’ve changed things at work which I wasn’t able to do before, I will definitely have more time.

“Losing two inches has been a real boost. I was very nervous about it when I was getting measured, but the gym has been absolutely brilliant.

“Even when I go and I’m not with anyone, because they’ve taught me and explained my individual programme, when I’m on my own I know how to push myself , I don’t need to have someone there watching over my shoulder and telling me to.”

Eze Fitness manager Laura Baudoino believes Melissa is on the right track and now with more regular sessions at the gym can meet her target.

She said: “She’s doing really well and she seems really motivated. I know she had a tough time with the kids and not being well but she’s doing really well in training.

“The problem before was she wasn’t coming in as much as she should have been but she does seem happy now.

“We do ask people come in two to three times a week to guarantee results. If she can commit to that then we can help her reach her goal.”