Outbreak of deadly dog disease in town

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At least two dogs have died and several have been seriously ill following an outbreak of a deadly disease in Scarborough.

Staff at Dunslow Road Vets are warning owners to be vigilant and to vaccinate their pets after treating five dogs for Parvovirus in the last fortnight.

Two have died since testing positive for the disease at the Eastfield surgery, however it is thought there could have been more fatalities in the town.

One, a Llhasa Apso called Archie, has made a full recovery, while a Staffy cross called Benny and his brother Nero, a Labrador, are still undergoing treatment.

Practice vet Richard Hambridge said: “Many owners aren’t aware of the serious threat Parvovirus poses to dogs. It’s passed on by contact with infected dogs or their faeces. The virus can survive outside in parks and walking areas for up to three months. It can also be walked into homes on owner’s shoes and clothing.

“Some of the dogs we have treated had been passed on to new owners recently and they had been assured their vaccinations were up to date. Another had been vaccinated as a puppy but not since and picked up the infection aged two-and-a-half.

“Vaccination is the best way to protect your dog and spare yourselves the anguish of watching them suffer.”