Parents spend more time at Scarborough school - by having lunch with their children

Parents lunch with their children.
Parents lunch with their children.

Staff at Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy, have started an initiative where parents can join their children for lunch, sampling a range of healthy food on offer.

Parents can try the foods that are being served to the children on a daily basis.

It is also an opportunity for staff and parents to interact in a more informal setting and discuss what is happening at the school.

Paul Prest, Headteacher of Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy, said: “We are always looking for new ways to spend time with parents and carers and we thought inviting them for lunch would be a fantastic idea.

“I know that parents and staff found it very useful spending time interacting with parents and I had an opportunity to speak to every parent individually.

“As it has been such a great success, we will now be holding parent lunch events every term.”