Parking at graveyard: is nothing sacred?

St Mary’s Church is a beautiful building and is still arguably, the primary place of Christian worship in Scarborough.

However, I’m not in favour of the graveyard being used as a pay and display car park.

Throughout Britain many closed burial grounds have been made into gardens of remembrance. However, as St Mary’s half of the stones in the lower part of the section where Ann Bronte is buried were uprooted and placed alongside the graveyard wall. OK, this has been done in other graveyards. But then to make this part of the graveyard into a car park and even add parking meters. It beggars belief. Is nothing sacred anymore?

The fact is we are not talking about graves from hundreds of years ago; these are Victorian graves. Had Ann Bronte been buried 30 yards east would her gravestone have been uprooted and would people now be paying to park their car over her resting place? I personally believe that using a graveyard as a pay and display car park is sacrilegious.

I’d be interested to know what others, including the church have to say about this.

DR Edwards

Newborough Street