Parking bays but no yellow lines for Hovingham Drive

Cars parked on both sides of the road mean buses are unable to pass.
Cars parked on both sides of the road mean buses are unable to pass.

Parking bays could be marked out on a Scarborough road in an attempt to stop inconsiderate parking - but there will be no yellow lines.

Proposals by North Yorkshire County Council to address parking issues in the area of Hovingham Drive include marking out parking bays where vehicles won't cause obstruction to other road users.

The county council will write to residents on Hovingham Drive and streets accessed from the road plus Old Scalby Road and St Luke's Crescent within the next month regarding the proposed changes.

But it does not include plans for yellow lines.

County Councillor Andrew Jenkinson, Local Member for Woodlands, said: “This is an issue that has been a long-time priority for me. I am glad we have reached this solution and, along with the highways team, I anticipate that if drivers heed the bay markings that will alleviate many of the difficulties the bus service has been experiencing.

“However, our officers will monitor the effect the bays have, and, should vehicles continue to park in obstructive locations that cause difficulties for the bus service, the highway authority would consider proposing daytime waiting restrictions, in the form of yellow lines, outside the bays.

“One of the reasons I stood for the county council was that I wanted to solve this problem. I will not walk away until it is resolved.”

A spokesperson for EYMS and residents have spoken out about inconsiderate drivers parking on both sides of the road meaning buses and in some cases vans and larger cars can't pass.

The authority will also liaise with residents about the potential of putting “keep clear” white bar markings at their driveways.

Additionally, advisory “keep clear” white bar markings are to be proposed on Gillylees between the junction with Stepney Drive and the right-angled bend, subject to consultation with adjacent residents.