Parking charges for hospital staff could rise by a whopping 136%

Plans to more than double the amount staff at Bridlington and Scarborough Hospitals pay to park at work have been criticised by trade unions.

Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 10:38 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 11:09 am
Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals

They said they were concerned by plans to increase charges from £15.50 per month to more than £36 .

Hospital bosses said they wanted to bring the fees in line with those in York, but staff insist the coastal sites do not have the same levels of security and CCTV.

Representatives from Unison told a national newspaper that ‘trusts should think twice about fleecing those who have no option but to use their cars’.

And Chris Daly, Unite’s regional officer, said staff in Bridlington and Scarborough did not have the range of options to public transport that workers in bigger cities did.

He said: “Public transport for York is much greater than for Bridlington and Scarborough. You are not comparing like for like.

“Bridlington and Scarborough staff can live further away and they are limited in what they can do.”

The trust which runs the hospital said it had planned to level out charges across all sites since it took over in 2012, but Mr Daly said the lowest paid workers will feel the pinch the most.

He added: “Because it is a flat rate, it disproportionately impacts on the lowest paid.

“It is not consultants, doctors or senior nurses it will impact on. It’s the loyal band of people who work behind the scenes to make the hospital tick.

“People might say it is not a huge amount but it is an amount people factor in when they apply for jobs, and this is at a time when the trust are saying they are struggling to recruit staff to the East coast”

One worker said that paying the monthly fees did not guarantee staff a parking space at the hospital.

They said it was a further blow to staff morale and the increased costs were likely to swallow up any pay rise which was offered.

Mr Daly added: “It’s a spreadsheet decision that has an impact on people’s take-home pay.”

A spokesperson for York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said:“A change to staff parking fees at Scarborough and Bridlington hospitals is being discussed as staff currently pay a lower rate than at our York site.

“When the hospital became part of York Trust in 2012 a phased increase was planned to make charges for staff equal for both sites.

“There is a cost to providing on-site parking for staff and we set a charge on that basis.

“It cannot be subsidised using funds that would otherwise go to direct patient care.

“A new car park has provided extra parking at Scarborough Hospital and staff will have the option of continuing to pay directly through payroll or the more flexible pay and display option.

“We also have free allocated spaces for those who car share and have staff pay and display permits.

“Total Parking Solutions do not receive any of the income from parking.

“The revenue from car parking funds the running and maintenance of the car park, and also pays for security on the site.

“Income from car park charges is also invested in improving car park facilities and alternatives to car use. Our car parking charges reflect those charged in local council-run car parks.

“There are no plans to increase car parking charges for patients and visitors.”