Passengers denied basic facilities

Northern Rail train services between Scarborough-York-Doncaster leave much to be desired.

Northern Rail proudly boasts of prosecuting people who urinate on station platforms, yet it is the railway company itself that has been caught with its pants down because - with the exception of larger stations - it fails to provide toilet facilities on its stations. Northern Rail’s infrequent services - which also sometimes run late – makes the situation worse. There are never alternative facilities offered.

When the shift ends at Driffield Station and the station is unsupervised, Northern Rail ejects passengers from the warm waiting-room, forcing passengers to wait on chilly platforms to prevent vandalism to the station.

While train passengers caught travelling in a first-class compartment must pay a hefty on-the-spot surcharge, we never hear of train companies making refunds for denying to their passengers the most basic facilities – who already have to pay outrageous train-fares that increase absurdly each year.

The Champagne corks may now be popping at Northern Rail’s HQ in Leeds, but in truth, they have precious little to celebrate when such primitive facilities exist in return for the high fares charged to their long-suffering passengers.

NS Robinson

Rutland Terrace