Pavement ‘a danger’

The broken pavement area where Christine fell..Picture Richard Ponter 121710d.
The broken pavement area where Christine fell..Picture Richard Ponter 121710d.

A WOMAN who was injured after falling in Scarborough’s town centre has called for work to be done on a “dangerous” area of paving.

Christine Bedford, 71, of Morley in Leeds, had come to spend the day with her sister when she tripped and fell outside Roasters cafe in Aberdeen Walk.

Following the incident on Monday afternoon, she was rushed to hospital with cuts to her face and lip, plus broken front teeth.

Ms Bedford fell flat on her face and her glasses were smashed during the fall. She also hurt her knee when she went down.

The retired car showroom worker said: “It was very painful and it was just such a shock.

“Now I just want to make sure it doesn’t happen to anybody else.”

Her sister Carol Turner, 72, of Melville Terrace, Filey, said: “This could have happened to anybody.

“You can see where the slabs are raised in the paving.

“When the staff from Roasters came out to help, they said they’ve seen other people trip in the same area before.”

Both women thanked the cafe staff for their help and kindness and the two men who helped get Ms Bedford back on her feet.

Ms Turner said: “Everyone was really kind. They brought wet cloths out and sat her down on a chair.”

Roasters’ chef Joe Helm told the Evening News that he had seen a number of people trip in the same area before.

He said: “I’ve fallen over it myself once. I’ve seen quite a few people stumble there, but never anything as bad as this.”

Mr Helm said that when the incident happened, cafe manager Bryan Guy went out to help as he is a trained first aider.

One of the regular customers had come in and told staff what was going on outside.

He added: “We were just pleased to be able to help.”

Ms Bedford will now have to undergo dental work to fix her front teeth.

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire County Council said: “The county council investigates any highways defect that is reported and will look into this matter.”