Pearly Queen of Scarboro’ set to pass on her crown

Pearly Queen,Pat Hall. Pic Richard Ponter 143806a Richard Ponter
Pearly Queen,Pat Hall. Pic Richard Ponter 143806a Richard Ponter

A Scarborough lady is hoping to find a new home for her spectacular hand-made Pearly Queen suit - and raise cash for charity at the same time.

Pat Hall, 85, contacted the Scarborough News after deciding that she would like to auction off the outfit in aid of Barnardo’s.

Mrs Hall, of West Bank, created the dazzling costume nearly 40 years ago for a fancy dress party, sewing all the buttons on by hand.

She said: “There are more than 3,000 buttons on the suit and it too around three months to sew them all on.

“It has various bits of writing on it, including ‘Nice to see you, to see you nice’ down the legs.”

Mrs Hall also pays tribute the her dad across the back of the jacket with the message “My dad was great”.

The suit, which is a size 12-14, weighs around half a stone and has been worn to lots of parties and events throughout the years. Mrs Hall said she would often ask people to guess exactly how many buttons were on the suit as a way of raising money for charity.

She is now hoping that anyone who would like the suit and could make good use of it, such as a theatre company, dance school or costume enthusiast, will make a cash bid for it to benefit Barnardo’s.

If you would like to make an offer, please email by 5pm on Friday October 31 with your bid, name and contact details. Please write Pearly Queen in the subject field on your email.