Pensioner cut out of car after smash

A fire enginer from Scarborough Fire Station
A fire enginer from Scarborough Fire Station

A pensioner has been taken to hospital after being cut out of a vehicle by Scarborough fire crews following a car smash.

A pair of fire engines raced to the crash at the junction of Holbeck Road and Filey Road, after a vigilant off duty firefighter spotted the collision, at around 10.16am on Saturday July 6.

The crash was between a Vauxhall Zafira and a Range Rover, and upon arrival of the firefighters, the occupants of the Range Rover were already safely out of their car.

However, an elderly woman believed to be in her 70s was trapped inside the Zafira, and firefighters used cutting equipment to slice off the driver side door to carry her to safety.

She was then taken to hospital by road ambulance for a precautionary check up.