Pensioner died after fracture

A RETIRED nursing matron died after falling and fracturing her hip and suffering a blood clot, an inquest heard.

Joan Ethelia Lister, 92, of Filey Road, was staying at Briar Dene retirement home in Burniston Road when she is thought to have suffered a fall in the night on March 9.

The following day, deputy care manager Michelle Chatt came on duty and was told that night staff had found Mrs Lister by the side of her bed, as if she has slipped while trying to sit down.

A doctor was called out who examined Mrs Lister, but did not find any evidence of a fracture. However he said the patient may have a water infection. Mrs Chatt said: “She could stand and weight-bear. She seemed fine during the afternoon. Joan did suffer with dementia and I found her wandering around the building, and walked her back to her room.”

However, she deteriorated the next day and was taken to Scarborough Hospital’s A&E department. Consultant Andy Volans said her left knee was swollen and an X-ray was taken, which came back normal. He added: “The patient said she was all right and on examination she was disorientated.

“We attempted to contact the home for details and discussed her care with a neighbour, who said she’d been in decline for a few weeks.”

Mr Volans said: “In retrospect it would not have been unreasonable to do a pelvic X-ray, but given the swelling on her knee we focused on giving her a knee X-ray.”

Mrs Lister was admitted again on March 22. Doctors noticed her left leg appeared shorter and externally rotated, indicating a fracture at the neck of the femur, and she was operated on.

When discharged she went to stay at Dunollie Care Home in Filey Road, where she died on May 3.

Coroner Michael Oakley recorded a verdict of misadventure, saying: “Mrs Lister died due to deep vein thrombosis, a recognised condition when people are immobile.”