Pensioners gather at Spa for conference

HUNDREDS of pensioners are arriving in Scarborough this week for a national conference.

Members of the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners will meet at Scarborough’s newly refurbished Spa tomorrow and Wednesday for their annual conference as they discuss the challenges that lie ahead for those in retirement.

The event is aimed at providing an opportunity for pensioners to examine in detail the challenges that lie ahead, and to make plans to lobby MPs on the issues.

Federation general secretary Roger Turner said that the event is vital for the members of the organisation, as they work together to attempt to influence political figures who hold the welfare of pensioners in their hands.

He said: “The recent government decisions to reduce the value of pensions in the future by basing annual increases on the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) instead of the RPI, to reduce the Winter Fuel Allowance payments and local authority cuts in local services have angered many pensioners such that they feel they are under serious attack from the Government.

“The conference is an opportunity for members to come together to decide how best to reach the ear of those people who make policy.

“Pensioners must work together to make sure that their voices are heard by the Government and businesses providing occupational pension schemes. Now is the time for the ‘silver generation’ to stand up and be counted.”