People pay their final respects to Sir Jim

TODAY was a celebration of the life of Sir Jimmy Savile as hundreds of people paid their final respects at his funeral.

Among those arriving early for the 2pm funeral at the Roman Catholic St Anne’s Cathedral in Leeds were DJs Mike Read and Tony Prince.

Funeral of Sir Jimmy Savile at St Anns Cathedral in Leeds. '

Funeral of Sir Jimmy Savile at St Anns Cathedral in Leeds. '

Crowds outside the nearby Queens Hotel were in a solemn mood as they lined the streets waiting for the funeral cortege of two hearses and seven cars to set off on a tour of the city.

Speaking outside the cathedral, Read said: “Today should be a celebration. He’d have loved it, a showman to the end.

“You don’t want it to happen but if it’s inevitable, the bigger the crowd the better. It’s extraordinary.

“I think it’s a celebration rather than anything else.”

Read delighted onlookers with some impressions of Sir Jimmy.

He said: “He made people feel good.”

The veteran DJ brought a Union flag card signed by the Bee Gees. The band had also sent flowers.

Sir Jimmy will be buried in Scarborough tomorrow. His grave was today being prepared at Woodlands Cemetery. His coffin will be set at a 45 degree angle to give Sir Jim a sea view.