12 things we’re looking forward to doing in Scarborough when lockdown is lifted

As we near the end of week six of lockdown, we've been thinking of all the thing in our town we can't wait to get back to when it's over.

Friday, 1st May 2020, 5:18 pm
Updated Friday, 1st May 2020, 5:19 pm
Scarborough South Bay. Picture: JPI Media

Which activities are you most looking forward to?

It goes without saying, but after so long apart from our friends and extended family, spending time with them again is going to be glorious.
Whether its watching cricket, football or playing a round of golf, getting out there and enjoying some sport will be fantastic.
The crunch of the batter, the joy of dipping a chip in a pot of mushy peas, the jeopardy of trying to enjoy your food without seagulls stealing a bit, we cant wait to sit down on the seafront with a tray of fish and chips.
We are of course home to the famous Harbour Bar and many other parlors to get a sweet fix. Whether its a sit down sundae or a cornet on the beach, that first ice cream is going to be a real treat.
Whether its a pub lunch, a family meal or a romantic dinner, Scarborough is full of places to enjoy delicious foods and we cant wait to get back to supporting our local restaurants.
Whilst we can still access our beaches for dog walking and daily exercise, there will be something special about pitching up for the day with buckets and spades ready to enjoy some fun with our loved ones.
The pub is a British institution, and were blessed in Scarborough with many great ones. Im sure you have your personal favourite. When theyre allowed to open again were all looking forward to that first pint, or soft drink, hopefully in the sunshine.
Sure you can make a breakfast at home, but its never quite the same as when its cooked for you in one of our brilliant cafes.
Shows at the Open Air and the Spa may have been cancelled but they will return. And dont forget all the other, smaller venues in town, that put on live music every week.
There are so many brilliant attractions waiting for us and our kids when it is safe to visit them again. Explore the underwater world at Sealife, splash around at Alpamare, dive into the ball pool at Mini Monsters, pet the animals at Playdale Farm and much, much more.
The Stephen Joseph is a real asset to Scarborough, and we can't wait to enjoy a play there again soon.
Were so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place, but once lockdown is lifted were looking forward to going to explore the moors and countryside villages on our doorstep.