24 photos from nights out in Red Square in Scarborough in 2013

We've been digging through our Big Night Out archive again.

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 10:31 am
24 photos from nights out in Red Square in Scarborough in 2013.

This time we've taken a trip back to Red Square - the former cocktail bar that used to be a must-go on any night out before it closed a few years ago. Whilst you can't pop in for a Grasshopper anymore, you can remininse on night's gone by - are you in any of these pictures?

Old school buddies Dom and 'Big Dave' in Red Square.
Pub golf for Dan's stag do in Red Square.
Lauren and Emily having a cheeky cocktail in Red Square.
Jenna and Chris in Red Square.
Janelle, Kylie and Emily in Red Square.
Lee, Crash, Gaz, Burt, Shaun and Rich in Red Square.
Emma and Marco enjoying a couple's night out in Red Square.
Liam and Lee in Red Square.
Beth and Becky having a drink in Red Square.
The Vaseys showing some family love in Red Square.
Stu and Helen enjoying some quality time together in Red Square.
Sam and Carl in Red Square.
Maria, Leanne and Lauren at the start of their night.
Miller, Dom & Dave in Red Square.
Dave and Soph catch up.
Charl, Alex, Rach and Jase enjoying some cocktails and chat.
Sean, Nathan, Josh and Jimmy in Red Square have a drink after football.
Carly, Doosan, Chris and Steph.
Lauren, Emily, Claire and Beth having a great time in Red Square.
Red Square staff Nils, Tom, Lisa, Rita, Amber and Sadie open the bar.
Darren, Dan and Jasmine having fun.
Christine and Ammar on a date night in Red Square.
Mark, Liam, Georgie, Fryirs and Knowlson in Red Square.
Charlotte, Lisa, Beth, Lauren, Claire, Emily and Felicity in Red Square.