BBC Scarborough: here's a preview of episode 5 on air tonight

Picture credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron
Picture credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron

The penultimate episode of 'Scarborough' will be on air tonight on BBC One at 9.30pm.

This is what's going to happen in episode 5 according to a brief description released by the BBC.

Karen and Geraldine wonder who might have told the police about Mrs Bookham’s missing money, but with Geraldine falsely accusing Lisa Marie it's only a matter of time before they realise who the real culprit is.

At the amusement arcade, Mike and his boss Brian D’Eath are holding interviews for a new staff member. After a series of no-hopers, Mike is more than a little surprised by an unexpected last-minute candidate.

Meanwhile, Geraldine’s financial worries look like they might be over when she meets a mystery investor.