Beyond Housing reaches a new name for its independent living service in Scarborough

Beyond Housing has announced that its three independent living services for more than 8,500 people across Teesside and Yorkshire, are to be amalgamated.

By Louise Perrin
Thursday, 2nd December 2021, 10:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd December 2021, 10:22 pm
Reach and Respond launch at Beyond Housing in Scarborough
Reach and Respond launch at Beyond Housing in Scarborough

The registered housing provider currently operates an independent living service under three different names across the region – Teesside-based HomeCall, Coastcall across the North Yorkshire coast and Hambleton Lifeline in the Hambleton district. From December 2021, the three services will operate under a new, single name, Reach & Respond.

Beyond Housing’s independent living services offer a lifeline to people, who might otherwise require in-person care or support, to live happily, healthily and independently in their own homes.

The technology-enabled system provides reassurance that help is available 24 hours a day, through a discreet alarm system setup throughout the home.

It also offers the option of a range of telecare sensors, which can automatically detect an emergency and alert responder.

Reach & Respond brings together these services under a single name and brand, ensuring customers receive the same experience wherever they live in the region, and allowing a smoother experience for new customers joining.

The service is available to private customers as well as residents living in Beyond Housing homes, and offers support and peace of mind to individuals and families of any age, particularly people who:

- Live alone

- Are elderly or vulnerable

- Are caring for someone

- Are at risk of falling or are less mobile

- Are unwell

- Are at risk of seizures

- Have learning difficulties

- Are living with dementia

- Have recently come out of hospital

- Have no regular visitors.

As customers of Reach & Respond, existing users of the service will experience no change to service cost or delivery, the same advisors will continue to operate in each area and the same teams will respond to those requiring assistance.

Jason Lowe, Head of Independent and Supported Living at Beyond Housing, said: “Beyond Housing’s independent living service is an invaluable lifeline to thousands of customers. It enables those who might otherwise struggle to live independently to enjoy a normal lifestyle, complete with everyday freedoms.

“We now support over 8,500 people in total, so it’s a great step forward for us to now be united as one team under one new name. Both new and existing customers can be assured they will continue to receive the same high standard of service under the new banner Reach & Respond. Our services and existing operations will continue as normal.”