Coronavirus: Thornton-le-Dale Show cancelled due to pandemic concerns

Difficulties implementing ‘Stay Safe’ guidance has led to the cancellation of a popular village show.

Tuesday, 2nd February 2021, 2:37 pm
Esmay Duddin 3 from Chop Gate giving a Jacob Ewe a cuddle at the 100th Thornton Le Dale show.

Thornton-le-Dale Show, one of the largest village shows in the area, has been cancelled after a meeting of the event’s committee.

A message from chairman, Martin Blythe, posted on the show’s Facebook page regarding the 2021 show read:

“It was with the greatest reluctance that the Show & Sports Society has taken the decision to cancel the 2021 show due to take place on August 4.

“It would have been irresponsible not to do so with the future so unclear.

“'Stay Safe' guidance received regarding the measures one must currently put in place if we are to hold a show, is quite daunting.

“One likes to think the situation will improve by August, but we anticipate controls will still have to be in place and that there will be no quick retum to 'normal'.

“We have already been warned that this will be a 'marathon, not a sprint', and it is likely, therefore, that most of this year will see us living under continuing restrictions of one form or another.

“As things stand, it will be all but impossible for us to comply with the 'Stay Safe' guidance.

“We will need to increase our manpower substantially and commit to a great deal of additional expenditure which we simply cannot afford to do in such a risky environment.

“If we go ahead with the show, we will be taking a tremendous gamble: are there the exhibitors, traders and visitors willing to come to a show and bearing in mind the guidance received, will they be able to?

“The pandemic has placed the Society in an unprecedented position of uncertainty and to continue preparations for a 2021 show would be unwise.

“We must recognise the danger that holding the show could bring to our visitors, members, traders, helpers, exhibitors, and all others associated with it.

“We must consider whether it will be possible to safely hold a show and also whether it will be economically viable for all concerned.

“The Society's aim is to encourage the improvement of agricultural and its associated industries, activities, and crafts; it must protect its financial position if it is to ensure it can, in the future, fulfil this aim.

“The show is a brilliant advertisement for all that is good about a great British day out, agriculture, the county of Yorkshire and the lovely village of Thornton-le-Dale.

“We would like to keep it that way but with so much uncertainty both now and for the foreseeable future, holding the show in the manner we would wish, is not considered a feasible proposition.

“We wish all our supporters, traders, exhibitors, helpers, members, performers and potential visitors the very best and sincerely hope you all get through to the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, unharmed.

“We look forward to the 2022 show which will take place on August 3 and very much hope to see you all there enjoying a 'Great Day Out'!

“Take care and look after yourselves.”