Dozens of quails found dead near Whitby

Ten quails are now recovering at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary.
Ten quails are now recovering at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dozens of quails have been found dead near Whitby.

The macabre discovery was made on Saturday by a member of the public who spotted the bodies in Great Ayton.

Most of the birds, which had been abandoned in a box, were unable to escape and 30 of them died after being predated or as a result of the cold and wet weather conditions.

Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary manager Alex Farmer said: "A lady had set off for a walk when she spotted a pile of rubbish on the side of the road. She went to have a look and found loads of dead quails.

"Some of them were still alive so she gathered them with the help of a jogger and took them home before she brought them in.

"When we arrived we found another live one so overall we've managed to rescue ten who are now doing well."

The animals, "cold and wet through", were found in the box and in nearby bushes. It's estimated around 40 of them had been abandoned.

Alex added: "We suspect they were kept in cramped conditions because some of them have bald backs.

"Quails are domestic birds, they rely on humans to look after them, some of them were so young that they couldn't get out of the box and drowned. It was upsetting to see.

"We've put an appeal out to ask anyone with information to get in touch."