Episode 3 of 'Scarborough' airs tonight: here's what to expect according to the BBC

Picture: BBC/Kieron McCarron.
Picture: BBC/Kieron McCarron.

Episode 3 of BBC One comedy Scarborough airs at 9.30pm tonight.

The sitcom, which was filmed in the town earlier this year, first hit the screens on September 6 and was immediately well-received by residents.

Here's a summary of episode 3 released by the BBC:

"It's not a good day for Geraldine at the salon as not only is it Mrs Bookham’s funeral but after a blazing row about the contents of Mrs Bookham’s handbag Lisa Marie storms out telling Geraldine she can stick her job.

"At the arcade Mike has a visit from a disgruntled Tony Peroni who wants to call in his debt. And suspicions mounts about Bigsy’s involvement in Mr Ferris’s burglary when the police visit Mike to ask about Bigsy’s whereabouts.

"Meanwhile Karen is having doubts about her relationship with Mike and during a heart to heart with Lisa Marie confesses that there was a lot more to the kiss between Mike and Hayley Cox. So how will she feel about Mike’s surprise proposition?"