Here's why there is a bright yellow bicycle camper travelling from Whitby to Scarborough

Josh Garman and his bright yellow bicycle camper will pass through Scarborough as part of a mammoth fundraising drive.
Josh taking his first rest day in WhitbyJosh taking his first rest day in Whitby
Josh taking his first rest day in Whitby

Josh, 22, is cycling 5,000 miles around the coast of Britain to raise funds for the charity Hope for Hasti.

Josh, from Godalming in Surrey, set off on his mammoth journey just five days ago from Berwick-upon-Tweed and has already endured one almost journey-ending breakdown.

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He was inspired by Major Chris Brannigan from West Byfleet in Sussex, who last year caught the nation’s imagination by marching barefoot across Britain to fund the life-changing research to help his daughter Hasti who suffers from Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS).

Major Chris Brannigan with daughter Hasti at 10 Downing StreetMajor Chris Brannigan with daughter Hasti at 10 Downing Street
Major Chris Brannigan with daughter Hasti at 10 Downing Street

CdLS is a rare genetic condition that presents children with a wide range of life limiting physical and behavioural challenges.

The journey builds on an earlier expedition which, in September 2020, saw Josh cycle 600 miles across the country carrying ET in a basket.

Josh said: ““I have been involved in every aspect of fundraising since coming back.

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“I've helped with their social media, organised fundraisers and talked to many families affected by rare diseases

Josh with some of the team from British Steel who fixed his tow barJosh with some of the team from British Steel who fixed his tow bar
Josh with some of the team from British Steel who fixed his tow bar

“I spent more and more time with the family, completing a barefoot run with Hengameh [Hasti’s mother], eating Chinese with the whole family and we have had countless conversations together over the past few months.

“Hasti is so bubbly, full of laughter and full of joy, I don’t want her to lose that as she gets older.”

Josh decided that he couldn’t do nothing and came up with the idea of cycling around Britain to raise funds.

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He and his father built a bicycle camper out of wood, some old bike wheels and sheets of corex, with the intention of using that as his home for the next five months.

Hasti "Bubbly and full of life"Hasti "Bubbly and full of life"
Hasti "Bubbly and full of life"

That plan almost came to an abrupt halt on Wednesday when disaster struck and Josh nearly had to abandon his journey.

He said: “ I broke down at the top of a hill and I realised that the tow bar was cracking.

“I thought I was going to have to jack it all in to be honest, when this guy started chatting to me.

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“He took me into a nearby steel place, there were 15 guys in the boiler room who worked away and made me a new tow bar. I can’t thank them enough!”

Josh is determined to complete his mammoth task.Josh is determined to complete his mammoth task.
Josh is determined to complete his mammoth task.

Josh had been fortunate enough to break down outside British Steel near Skinningrove.

Josh, who stacked shelves throughout lockdown to fund his journey, said the generosity of people means that he could almost have set out without any money at all.

He said: “People buy me lunch and dinner, you’d be surprised how far you can go on the kindness of people.

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Today (Friday) Josh will set off from Whitby and head through Scarborough to Flamborough.

If you see him cheer him on and if you’d like to contribute you can find Josh’s just giving page at’s father Chris said: “What Josh is doing is absolutely incredible.

“We’re blown away by the generosity of someone who was a stranger six months ago. To take five months out of his own life is incredible. He’s an amazing young man.”

Hope for Hasti has already raised £750,000 to find research into a cure for the disease. The charity is now ready to begin clinical trials, however, a massive £1.75 million is needed to make the next step a reality.

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Josh’s Just Giving page gives further information about how you can help. It says:

“A donation of any amount will make a huge difference! For many of us we were lucky enough to never experience issues as a child but for some children they may never be able to lead a normal life without our help.

“Raise awareness. For all you kind and well connected people out there please spread the word! Tell your friends, spam your social accounts and put photos of the camper everywhere, I promise it's for a good cause!

“Help out a friend. If you live along the coast of England and would like to join me for a day or even a few hours of cycling I would love the support! If you have a place to sleep or have a hot shower this too would mean the world to me.

You can follow Josh’s journey online at

Instagram: @expeditionjoshFacebook: @expeditionjoshIf you’d like to donate you can find Josh’s Just Giving page at