Catch 55 opens in ScarboroughCatch 55 opens in Scarborough
Catch 55 opens in Scarborough

IN PICTURES: First look inside Scarborough's newest fish and chip restaurant Catch 55

A new seafood restaurant, Catch 55, has opened at 55 Eastborough in Scarborough.

Catch 55 opened at the end of last month and promises to deliver ‘the best quality food cooked by our award winning head chef’ Martyn Bilby.

Co-owners Andrew Southgate and Steven Harrison have long wanted to create the fish restaurant, having owned two of the flats above it for some time.

Mr Southgate said: “Every time we went to the flats we would look at the restaurant and talk about how we’d like to own it one day.

“When it came up for sale, we jumped at the opportunity to buy it.”

Mr Southgate called friend and head chef, Martyn Bilby, and told him he’d bought a place and Mr Bilby replied: “I’m going to come and run it.”

Mr Southgate said: “I love fish and chips, we’re all from Doncaster and we often say let’s go to the coast and have fish and chips.

People don’t always think of Scarborough when they’re travelling to the coast for fish and chips.

“They think of the 23 or 24 restaurants in Whitby and head there.

“I wanted to bring a Whitby quality restaurant to Scarborough and make the town a destination too.

“I think that if we do well, then the others will too.

“I want to every fish and chip shop in Scarborough to do well, with a 50 yard queue out of every door.”