Meet Boyes' record breaking employee, Ian Livingstone – this is how long he's worked for the company

Ian Livingstone.
Ian Livingstone.

A dedicated member of staff at Scarborough’s Boyes has become the longest serving employee the company has ever had.

Ian Livingstone, 72, of Prospect Park, has been working at the town’s store on Queen Street for 53 years and 87 days.

Directors Tim Boyes and Andrew Boyes , Ian and Wife Eileen, Karen Monkman, Chris Golder and Clair Leighton.

Directors Tim Boyes and Andrew Boyes , Ian and Wife Eileen, Karen Monkman, Chris Golder and Clair Leighton.

Last week the company celebrated his remarkable achievement on the very day he became the longest-serving member of staff, beating the previous record holder by one day.

Managing Director Andrew Boyes said: “We’ve had one or two people who did over 50 years but this is now the very longest anyone has worked for us and he’s still going strong.

“It’s nice to have people working for us who are happy to stay with us and we thank him for everything he’s done.”

Ian joined the firm in 1966 aged 19. After an initial six months in DIY, the hard-working employee moved to the carpet and furniture department where he worked as a group supervisor until his move to part-time two years ago.

Although he spent more than half a century serving different generations of customers, “the time flew by”.

“It’s never been a boring job,” he said, “there’s far too much to do, you don’t realise how much there is to do in a shop, especially carpet and furniture. You’re not just stood there, there’s a lot of heavy physical work which I’m reaping the rewards of.”

Among the aspects he enjoys the most are meeting “so many interesting people”, many of whom have become his friends and many of whom ask to be served by him; meeting his wife Eileen, 63, whom he met at a company do in 1978 and married in 1964; and of course, working for Boyes.

“There was a lady who said to me ‘there’s only two places I shop, one is Harrods and the other one is Boyes’.

“There is no firm like Boyes, it is the most customer-friendly firm in Britain, it really is.

“I wouldn’t have stayed here all this time if I didn’t think they were a good company.”

After being awarded the title of longest-serving employee, Ian will continue to work three days a week, one week on and one week off.

When asked if he’ll be sad to leave the company when the moment comes, his wife joked: “I don’t think he ever will.”