Meet the Whitby woman will squeeze into a tiny bottle in the upcoming The Circus of Horrors show

A Whitby woman will prove that she has got the bottle for the job in the upcoming The Circus of Horrors show.

Thursday, 30th May 2019, 11:46 am
Ellie Risdon will make her debut performance tomorrow evening

Ellie Risdon has always dreamt of a life in show business but she never believed that when her opportunity came she would have to squeeze into a tiny bottle.

She will celebrate her birthday, on May 31, by squeezing into a tiny bottle that is only two foot tall and 18 inches in diameter.

Previously, Ellie, from Hanover Terrace, had been working as a Visual Effects Artiste until she saw the advert for a pickled person who must be flexible and must not suffer from claustrophobia’.

She said: "I thought it sounded a little strange but I had been following the Circus of Horrors since I saw them featured in Bizarre Magazine and on Britain's Got Talent and loved it so I thought I’d apply.

"It's an age old adage to run away and join the circus, now I have that chance."

To train for her big day Ellie has been trying to fit into anything small, a dustbin, cupboards & even a washing basket until she gets use to being confined in small places.

Tomorrow, she will make her debut on the infamous Circus of Horrors at Whitby Pavilion.