Mum's hair makeover to raise money for Scarborough Hospital's Duke of Kent ward

Hairdresser Helena Scott with Clare King and her son Arthur.
Hairdresser Helena Scott with Clare King and her son Arthur.

How far would you go to raise money for a good cause?

Clare King from Scarborough has dyed her hair the colours of the rainbow in aid of the hospital unit that cares for her son.

Clare King with her new look.

Clare King with her new look.

Five-year-old Arthur suffers from a condition called branchio-oto-renal syndrome which affects his kidneys as well as his hearing.

His mum, a 33-year-old teaching assistant from Northstead Primary School, wanted to give something back to thank the staff of Scarborough Hospital's Duke of Kent ward who have been looking after him from day one.

Clare said: "Arthur has been in and out of hospital since he was born. He's been resuscitated twice, he's had problems with his kidneys and various infections.

"Luckily he's not had an infection for a while but he's got a lifelong condition so every three to four months we have to go back for check ups.

"The staff there are absolutely fantastic, when we stay overnight they always come to check on him and when he has to do blood tests, and he doesn't like blood tests, they always say the right things to calm him down.

"He sees them as his best friends. They're absolutely wonderful and I don't think they they get enough praise."

To express her gratitude to doctors and nurses, Clare ditched her blonde locks for rainbow-themed hair.

Although it was "a bit of shock", she says she and her son love it, adding: "he wants me to have it all time".

Her new look, styled by Hair by Helena, allowed her to raise £300.

"People have seen my hair and said they'd give me £2 or £5, it's been brilliant.

"There's a pot at Helena's where people can donate and at the end of August I'm going to collect it and buy something for the hospital.

"Initially I thought I would only raise enough to get something for the playroom but with £300 I can buy something a bit more substantial."