Objection to plans to open KFC drive-thru on Papa's Fish and Chips site in Eastfield

Fears over increases in congestion and litter have led a parish council to object to plans for a new KFC drive-thru near Scarborough.

Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 3:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 3:30 pm

Seamer Parish Council says its “overriding concern” is safety from the number of extra cars that would be present if the fast-food chain got the go-ahead for its restaurant off the A64 in Eastfield.

The American chain wants to build its drive-thru on the site of the former Papa’s Fish and Chips building near Morrisons in Market Lane. The plans also include a separate unit for coffee shop Costa.

In a letter to Scarborough Borough Council, the parish council says it objects to the proposal, saying it would add to “significant local problems”.

The former Papa's Fish and Chips site.

The letter states: “The council’s overriding concern is one of safety, based on a likely increase in the congestion of motor vehicles accessing and egressing Market Lane and Dunslow Road at the (mini) roundabout, which is already a busy junction.

“The council’s further concern is for a likely increase in littering from motor vehicles, not necessarily near to the drive-thru units but one or two miles away when vehicles drive into and through the parish council’s and neighbouring areas, as occupants finish their food and drink and discard the packaging.”

The KFC and Costa plan, which includes demolishing the Papa’s building, formerly The Scarborough public house, is currently going through the planning process.

In the company’s submission to Scarborough Coucnil it lays out some more details of the proposal.

It states: “The proposed new units as currently agreed will be operated by KFC and Costa Coffee. The proposal will create approximately 24 full-time equivalent jobs in total.

“It is proposed that the hours of opening are increased from the existing hours of 11.30am to 10pm daily for Papa’s Fish and Chip restaurant to 5am to 11pm daily for the entire site.”

North Yorkshire Police and Highways England have been consulted, with neither objecting to the scheme.