Observation Wheel UK respond to criticism over location of Scarborough's new wheel

The operators of Scarborough's new observation wheel have responded to criticism on social media in regards to the location of the wheel.

Wednesday, 31st July 2019, 5:15 pm
The new seafront wheel.

The new attraction officially opened yesterday and received a warm welcome from holidaymakers from across the UK.

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However, on social media, some residents have complained about the location of the wheel which currently operates from the former Futurist site at the bottom of a cliff.

Scarborough's new wheel.

One Facebook user said: "Nothing to see that you can't see for free from the top of the cliff... always amused me why they would put an observation wheel at the lowest point of the town obscured by a cliff."

"It's great to have something to use up the space," said another, "but you can see so much more from the castle or Oliver's Mount."

Speaking after the first day of trade, Observation Wheel UK director William Abbott explained that the company made the most out of a site made available by the council.

He said: “We think that the observation wheel offers another attraction to Scarborough. You’ve got the amusements, the arcades, the bingos and to fetch an observation wheel into the mix with that sort of stuff fulfils the experience of a British seaside resort.”

He added: “When you look at major seaside resorts, where is the perfect location? In theory the perfect location is on the top of the highest point in town but that isn’t always the site that’s available.

“You get a great view out on the bay and across the harbour from left to right. People say that you can go up to Oliver’s Mount and get a better view up there, well you can go to Blackpool and go up the tower and still get a better view than you can on the central pier Ferris wheel, but people still like to go on the wheel.

“There’s a ride element as well as the views.”

Scarborough's wheel will operate until Monday 26 August. However, Mr Abbott has confirmed that the company will seek to extend the lease until November 10.

When asked whether the attraction might be installed permanently in a different location, the director said: "We'll have to see how it goes over the period of time we're here then we'll sit down with Scarborough Council, see what plans they've got set in stone and see where to go from there."