IN PICTURES: Seven photos of the first ever Plaxton coach rally.

The first coach rally held by Plaxton took place on Thursday August 8.

Monday, 12th August 2019, 12:25 pm
Plaxton's held their first coach rally.

Here are seven photos from the day. Read more about the event here.

Two of the judges hard at work.
The Johnson Brothers' 1963 Panorama VAL which won in the pre-1964 and Best in Show categories.
The rally had a beautiful backdrop of the Wolds.
In front Henry Cooper Coaches' 1996 Excalibur and behind, Kenzies Coaches' 1965 Panorama VAL - both winners.
Visitors were also treated to a factory tour.
Sharpes of Nottingham's 1981 Supreme IV - which won the 1980-1991 category.
The event in full swing with coaches on display and visitors looking around.