Radio 1 Big Weekend is nearly here: but do you remember the Radio 1 Roadshows in Scarborough?!

The Radio 1 Big Weekend takes place in Middlesbrough on May 24-26 ... but do you remember the famous Radio 1 Roadshows in Scarborough in the 1990s ?

Bruno Brookes in 1992
Bruno Brookes in 1992

Our photos take you back to the early 1990s, and include an amazing Take That picture on the South Bay beach ! Can you spot yourself - or anyone you know ? If not, we've got more photos coming up soon - keep a lookout for them. Here are some others, from 1996.

Can you spot yourself, in 1993 ?
Ssshhhhh Gary Davies !
DY Bruno Brookes throws sweets to the audience
Bad Boys Inc perform
DJ and presenter Gary Davies in 1993
Bruno Brookes talks with Kelly Morris and Karim Akel in the Bits n Pieces part of the roadshow. They were Scarborough Evening News competition winners.
Kim Appleby performs
The Chippendales ... clothed ...
.... and unclothed !
Gary Davies on stage
Not quite The Chippendales ... these were The Blobendales
Take That fans ...
... and Take That, on Scarborough's Bay beach in 1992. Let us know your memories!