Resident puzzled by bright light over Sandsend, near Whitby, at 1am this morning

A broad band of bright sky over Sandsend at 1am this morning has left a resident baffled.

Friday, 16th July 2021, 11:35 am
The sky light seen from Sandsend at 1am.

Susan Goss-Clements awoke at 1am this morning to see a broad stretch of bright sky when it should have been dark and wondered if anyone else had seen it.

"At that time it was clearly not from the sun rise or sunset - and due north so in the wrong direction - so I am baffled," she said.

"It didn’t seem colourful enough to be the Northern Lights.

"It was out to sea, so it wasn’t nightglow which is reflected from artificial lights.

"The views were from Sandsend.

"I went down to the beach and looked across to Whitby to see the skies very dark, as you’d expect.

"This lasted over an hour."

Susan was later chatting to an ex-fisherman who thought it was the sun just beyond the horizon reflecting onto the clouds.

She added: "I’m surprised given the time but he thinks in July that can happen."