Scarborough business owner prepares for cage fight to help baby Jaxon who survived two open heart surgeries

A Scarborough business owner is raising funds for a baby with a very complex congenital heart disease.

Jaxon Tommy Clarke
Jaxon Tommy Clarke

Max Jenkins will be taking part in a cage fight in the hope of raising £1,000 to help five-month-old Jaxon Tommy Clarke.

The Body Sculpt Conditioning Gym owner, will be competing at Brain and Brawn Fitness in Morely, Leeds, on May 11.

The 30-year-old decided to ‘up the anti and instead boxing really put his body on the line and do a cage fight’ to help Jaxon and his parents Tom Clarke and Kay Walker.

Despite being in hospital Jaxon is still laughing and smiling

Max said: “I look at it if it was me and my daughter or son was like that I would want that sort of help and if the little boy can fight for his life constantly I’m sure I can do a 9 minute cage fight.”

A fundraising page has been set up and has currently raised over £400 -

Jaxon was born at Scarborough Hospital on November 27 but soon after he was taken to his home in Barrowcliff, his parents noticed something wrong with his breathing, which progressively deteriorated in the space of a few days.

After being admitted to Scarborough’s special care baby unit where staff discovered an issue with his heart, Jaxon was transferred to Leeds General Infirmary.

Picture taken a few days after Jaxon's second open heart surgery in intensive care

On 11 December, Jaxon successfully underwent a major seven-hour surgery, aged only two weeks.

Currently Jaxon is an impatient at Leeds General Infirmary again in the high dependency unit.

His mum, Kay Walker, said: "We have been here for over one month already which was a 10 to 15 day planned stay at most. After his second open heart surgery on March 26 he has had numerous difficulties for example his saturation levels dropping very low, needing extra assistance breathing which resulted in him needing a CT scan so the doctors can understand his anatomy more.

"Jaxon had a visit to the catheter lab during which the doctors found a clot in his left lung artery. That made the one hour thirty minute operation almost eight hours long and a fight to keep Jaxon alive. Resulting in another visit to intensive care.

Max will be competing at Brain and Brawn Fitness on May 11

"This week Jaxon is still not right. They are running some detailed bloods to rule out infections and he has also had a chest X-ray and a echo scan. It seems to be one step forwards ten steps backwards always for us. We just want our boy stable and home for summer.

"People are doing fund raising for us again and we want to say how great full we are. We haven’t asked anyone to help us but people are helping off their own accord and we are yet again shocked and overwhelmed by people support and fundraising.

"Max Jenkins is doing a MMA fight to raise funds for us and Charlotte Oldham is using her minixme clothing site to do a raffle for us to help buy equipment for returning home. Nothing we say or do will show how thankful we are for the support in our local town."

Jaxon's parents are uploading daily updates on a Facebook page - Jaxon's Journey - so anyone wanting to follow his journey can read recent updates.

Jaxon Tommy Clarke