Scarborough company Squeeky Clean are 'on a mission to clean up the town'

A local cleaning company are "on a mission to clean up Scarborough".

By Jade McElwee
Thursday, 12th September 2019, 3:11 pm
Adam Kettlestring (left), William Haylett (centre) and Ty Williams (right).
Adam Kettlestring (left), William Haylett (centre) and Ty Williams (right).

Since forming the company 'Squeeky Clean Scarborough', owner and founder William Haylett, has developed the company from small carpet cleaning jobs for residents to developing a project to transform the town centre and seafront.

He said: "With the support of the town, we believe we would change the image of Scarborough to be a more welcoming destination, and at the same time make our home cleaner, safer and more all-round more pleasant to live in.

"The idea of ‘Revitalising Scarborough Town Centre’ was initiated by ourselves on Facebook back in July , due to the shocking state the town.

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An example of the work that has been completed in the town

"We have noticed the state of the town deteriorate to such a degree than it is worrying and embarrassing."

Squeeky Clean Scarborough have had a huge amount of support and words of encouragement from the community.

Some of their recent work has included cleaning brickwork, paths and bins as well as removing bird droppings and graffiti.

Cllr Tony Randerson, has also praised the company for their "community spirit."

He said: "I am indeed supportive of this community minded company. As and when they can they are attacking areas of the Borough on a voluntary basis in an attempt to clean such areas for example where there are seagull droppings and graffiti.

"This company is to be commended for their community spirit which has enhanced the SBC programme of street washing this year."

This week, the team have cleaned the lifeboat steps at bottom off Eastborough, by jet washing slippery dirt and bird droppings.

Speaking about liaising with the council about the work around the town, William added: "We put forward a brief suggested plan of action to rapidly clean the town within one month with regular maintenance beyond. The reply from both channels that ‘SBC manage this in house‘.

"Only two days following our suggestions, SBC employed a single person to do. Unfortunately, using poor quality hired equipment, expensive hire van and inexperienced employee. The results aren’t great, but better than nothing, and well done to the person who’s been given this overdue task."

A spokesperson from Scarborough Borough Council, who employ someone to complete the work in the town, said: "The company is to be commended for their community spirit, which has enhanced our programme of street washing this year.”

A Facebook group - Squeeky Clean Scarborough - has been set up for residents to follow what the team are up to and suggest any areas which they would like to see cleaned.

More information on Squeeky Clean can be found on their website