Scarborough Council leader responds to Conservatives' temporary toilets call-in

The Holbeck Clock facilities.
The Holbeck Clock facilities.

The leader of Scarborough Council says his administration has “nothing to hide” following the call-in of the cabinet’s decision to re-open toilets in the town.

Cllr Steve Siddons was responding to the news that Conservatives on the authority have called-in the move to provide temporary toilets in Royal Albert Drive and re-open the Holbeck Clock conveniences, saying the decision has been rushed and the financial impact has not been considered.

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The cabinet made the decision to spend £51,000 on providing the temporary toilets and re-opening the Holbeck Clock facilities at its first meeting last week.

The Conservatives claim that the cabinet has not followed financial best practice and that the wards of two of the four cabinet members are those which will benefit from the decision.

Cllr Siddons told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “I always welcome scrutiny as we have nothing to hide.

“I think we are correcting an issue that the public wanted correcting.

“I remember the original consultation [on the future of toilets in the borough] was 72 pages long and there were around 350 people who weren’t very happy with what was being proposed.”

The Labour leader also rejected the idea that the decision was taken to help the wards of cabinet members.

He added: “These are two areas that are used a lot by tourists and that’s all there is to it, there is no hidden motive. We are listening to what the public is telling us.

“It just makes sense that we can correct some of the problems from the past.”

He said he had also asked officers to look again at Phase 2 of the review of the future of toilet provision in the borough, which is now due in September.

The call-in will be heard by the council’s Overview and Scrutiny Board on Wednesday next week.