Scarborough RNLI ‘up with the larks’ for South Bay boat fire simulation

When most people were enjoying a nice Sunday morning lie-in, Scarborough RNLI was up with the larks for an exercise which forms a crucial part of the charity’s ongoing training programme.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 15th July 2019, 12:00 pm
Gruesome injury make-up was applied to 'casualty' Claire Munday.
Gruesome injury make-up was applied to 'casualty' Claire Munday.

The early risers included Scarborough Tec media make-up tutor Kelly Carr, who applied realistic and rather gruesome injuries to six volunteer ‘casualties’ from the RNLI’s Face to Face team.

Kelly and her students often simulate wounds for training at the hospital.

This was her first event for the RNLI.

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Lifeguards with 'casualties' on the beach at the South Bay.

In the rescue scenario, a small fishing boat developed engine failure and caught fire in the south bay.

The situation was triaged and the pretend casualties were treated aboard the vessel before being taken ashore by the inshore lifeboat.

A certain amount of acting was required.

Jess Hopkin landed the role of a young woman whose injury was relatively slight yet insisted she be treated first.

The inshore lifeboat reaching the fishing boat.

Those who took part included RNLI personnel and lifeguards, two of whom paddled out on surfboards to assist.