Scarborough Sixth Form warn students after police receive complaints of problem parking

Scarborough Sixth Form College is warning students about inconsiderate parking after the police received 'numerous complaints' from residents about the issue.

Tuesday, 21st January 2020, 12:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st January 2020, 4:30 pm

The college has said they were taking the ongoing issue seriously.

In a letter given out to students, Scarborough Police's Community Impact Team said: "We have received numerous complaints from residents in the Sandybed area regarding students from Scarborough Sixth Form College parking inappropriately on neighbouring streets, specifically Box Hill and Sandybed Crescent.

"This includes parking across residents’ drives, double parking and fully obstructing the footpath.

The view up Box Hill near Sixth Form. Picture: Google

"Please be considerate when parking your vehicles; fully obstructing the footpath can incur a £30 fine and obstructing a resident’s driveway may result in your car being towed.

"Officers will be checking the streets around the college for any offending vehicles."

Jo Walker, GST manager and deputy designated safeguarding lead at Scarborough Sixth Form College, said: "In light of the developing issues, there will be an increased police presence and the risk of fines or towing should a vehicle be parked inappropriately.

"As a college we take driving safely very seriously. We try to tackle all parking issues sensibly, both in relation to the inconvenience it presents to our neighbours, and in light of any hazards it causes for emergency access and dangerous driving."

Students are asked to:

• Register their vehicle with Jonny in Student Services.

• Only park in designated bays in the upper car park (not parking in the central zone as this presents a risk and also blocks access for emergency vehicles).

• Not park on double yellow lines.

• Not block residents’ drives.

• Not park directly opposite another car if on-street parking, thus blocking access.

• Not park on Pollard Gardens as this is a private road.