Scarborough Tesco says goodbye to deli counters, including fishmonger

Deli counters at Scarborough Tesco have shut.
Deli counters at Scarborough Tesco have shut.

Deli counters, including the fishmonger, at Scarborough's Tesco store have closed down.

It comes after Tesco announced earlier in the year its plans to reduce fresh food counters in 90 stores across the country.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Our counter changes have now taken place in store and we have communicated these changes to our customers. We have supported colleagues that have been impacted by these changes including, where possible, offering alternative roles in our business.”

Deli counters in Scarborough officially closed on Saturday. However, a range of pre-packaged meat and seafood continues to be available.

According to the company, the move reflects customers' changing shopping habits and allows them to make up to £1.5 billion worth of savings.