Scarborough's Elvis - Tony Skingle - is all shook up after police ask him to cancel his final lockdown show: Here's why they did

Hundreds of people have voiced their support for a Scarborough Elvis tribute act who cancelled his final lockdown show after concern from the police.

By Sarah Fitton
Sunday, 14th June 2020, 6:14 pm
Updated Sunday, 14th June 2020, 6:16 pm

Tony Skingle had been due to make his last garden performance outside his home on Stepney Drive on Saturday evening.

His appearances have proved a huge hit with his neighbours and people passing by, as well as those watching online across the country and the world.

But just a few hours before the show, Scarborough Police posted on Facebook to say they had requested it be cancelled after they received “concerns from a number of residents”.

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Tony Skingle performing in his garden

A spokesman for the local policing team said: “Events like this, however well intended in terms of raising community spirit, pose a danger to those attending and also to local residents.

“Many people are still acutely aware of the threat of the coronavirus, which causes anxiety amongst communities. Personal responsibility is key to controlling the spread and I would urge anyone thinking of attending the concert to think again.

“In addition to the potential breaches of coronavirus regulations, this event could pose danger with regards to traffic and parking issues.”

Tony said the Facebook post was “a total shock” to him as he says police have never asked him not to do his shows.

He is concerned people will think he was acting against police advice.

“I thought everything was working out OK. I’ve liaised with the police I don’t know how many times and everything has been absolutely great,” he said.

“If they had requested that I didn’t perform, I wouldn’t have.”

“That’s what is so upsetting. I just can’t believe it. I have the utmost respect for the police and always will have.

“One of the police officers I spoke to had concerns about people gathering but at no point have they said not to do it.”

The police’s Facebook post attracted hundreds of responses, many voicing their support for Tony and his shows.

One said: “I've never had the pleasure of seeing Tony live, but when I saw him pop up on Facebook I thought it was so wonderful that there was someone in Scarborough making us proud by bringing joy to people for free at such a difficult time.

“I hope this doesn't get you down Elvis! Scarborough Police, you need to focus your efforts on some of the bigger issues at the moment.”

Another wrote: “Tony Skingle has done nothing but good for this town and his neighbours while in lockdown, following Government guidelines about social distancing etc.”