Sixties scooter pals meet up for night of laughs and memories in Scarborough

May 1967, and Des Hickman (front) and Dave Crawford are photographed riding on Foreshore Road.
May 1967, and Des Hickman (front) and Dave Crawford are photographed riding on Foreshore Road.

Scooter boys and girls from the 1960s got together at a fundraising event in Scarborough – and also re-enacted a photo from 52 years earlier.

The idea, of Des Hickman and his old pal Dave Crawford, was to recreate a photo taken of them riding along Foreshore Road in May 1967.

August 2019, and the friends recreate the photo, with the same model of Lambretta.

August 2019, and the friends recreate the photo, with the same model of Lambretta.

And, when Dave came over from his home in California, they did just that.

Des also organised a reunion of many of those connected to the 1960s Scarborough music scene, at the rugby club. Around 150 people attended, and £1,000 was raised for homelessness charity SASH.

Des, 69, of Napier Crescent, Seamer, said: “Everyone who was at the reunion was connected over a period of 10 years. It is 52 years since we had the picture on the scooter taken and I thought it would be a good excuse to celebrate that fact with friends from 1965 to 1975. The evening was a total success.”

Dave Crawford lives in California but regularly visits his 94-year-old dad in Scarborough.

Old pals at the reunion at the rugby club.

Old pals at the reunion at the rugby club.

The original photo was taken from a scooter ridden by Mick Tucker. Des said: “The shot was taken with an old Brownie camera by Chris Easby; alas we lost Chris a few years ago, but never forgotten.”

In the photo Des is riding a 1967 Lambretta SX200. He’s riding the same model in the new photo, which was taken by Ian Horton, but it is a different bike, one he has lovingly restored.

He said: “Back then we watched The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who and many more.

“We were regularly at clubs called the old St Peters and new St Peters, YMCA, Candlelight (Hairy Bobs), New Candlelight, Michaels, Four Seasons, Silver Grid (upstairs), Scene 1 and 2, and of course the famous Penthouse.”

Des thanked the following for raffle prizes at the reunion: Liz Wiffen flower arrangements; Bella Rose Café, Peasholm; Irton Garden Centre; Mayfield Hotel, Seamer; “and most of all a special thank you for all our DJs who gave up their time for this reunion – Paul Murray, Gary Brown and Ron Wilkey.”

Where are they now...

Des Hickman relates who the men are, from left to right, and a brief biography, in his own words:

Dave Smith: Worked at Plaxton nearly all his working life until he left to be a porter at Scarborough Hospital. Now retired, Dave with his wife Jen keep horses and have four dogs that now keep him busy.

Des Hickman: Worked at Erskines, left to be a computer operator in Manchester, missed home, came back and opened Shelley’s café in Ramshill Road in the 70s. Sold that and worked at Emmco, then trained as a gas engineer and had his own business “ Water Heating Repairs “ right up to retirement. Des and his wife Helen now have a motorhome and regularly go off

travelling abroad and around this country with friends.

Dave Crawford: Worked at Plaxton, left to go to Canada in the early 80s. He moved to California where he runs his own company in credit card security.

Mick Tucker: Worked at Swifts of Scarborough as an apprentice draughtsman, left to go to college in Sheffield / Preston, qualified in engineering and worked his way through management to being a director. Mick lives near Oxford with his wife Sara, keeps sheep and bees, sounds boring but he still likes a drink. Travels to Australia and here to visit family.

Bob Roberts: Joined the Navy in the late 60s as a submariner, left the Forces and trained in deep sea electronics and has travelled the world. He now has company on the pier “ Yorkshire Lobsters” and delivers lobsters all over Britain. He is married to Karen and lives in the Old Town.

Paul Tulloch: Trained as a mechanical machinist, has worked in Holland. He then retrained at university to eventually become a maths teacher. He is still marking work for universities and working as a supply teacher. He livesin Whitby with his wife Julie who owns a small café called Beckets and makes the most wonderful cakes in the world.

Ray Siddle: Worked at Dale Electric and went all over the world selling and marketing standby electrical equipment. He spent his whole working life at Dale but has now retired with

his wife Gina. They travel and travel and travel again.