Staxton schoolboy is raising cash for hospital where he had emergency surgery, after brain tumour was discovered

A brave schoolboy from Staxton living with a brain tumour has been fundraising to thank the hospital team who cared for him.

Monday, 22nd June 2020, 4:54 pm

Charlie Wharton, 13, needed urgent surgery after doctors discovered the tumour.

He and his family are so grateful to the staff on the ward at Leeds General Infirmary, they decided to launch a money-raising campaign.

Thanks to a sponsored head shave, they have smashed their original target of £200, so far collecting more than £1,200.

Charlie and dad James

“The ward is fantastic. The facilities they have are amazing,” said Charlie’s dad, James.

“We would like to raise money for all their good work and support to help them keep other children well.”

Charlie was 11 when he started suffering from repeated bouts of sickness. His mum, Michelle, took him to their GP but the tumour was not discovered until a visit to an optician to mend Charlie’s broken glasses.

After examining Charlie, the optician told him and his family that he needed to go to hospital.

James with his mohican haircut

They rushed to York Hospital where they were told that he had a tumour in his brain.

It was benign but blocking an essential fluid drain, causing pressure to mount.

Charlie spent the night there before being taken to Leeds General Infirmary the next day where he underwent the emergency four-and-a-half-hour surgery.

His tumour is benign but inoperable because of where it is. He has regular scans so that doctors can check on it.

“There are about five cases like his a year,” said James, 44. “It is unusual.

“I think he'll live with it for the rest of his life."

Keen to support the hospital team, James and Charlie - who attends Norton College - decided to shave their heads in return for donations.

James, who is a lorry driver, was given an extra donation from one of his colleagues for agreeing to have a blue mohican for several days before shaving all his hair off.

Anyone wanting to add to Charlie's fundraising can donate online HERE